The password isn't working
You need to type in all 6 digits of your password. The first and last digit is "." or a decimal password example
I forgot my password
There is no master password for the app. This is by design to ensure that private data is kept private. You can delete and re-install the app. All data will be wiped, but it will reprompt you for a new password. Apple doesn't double charge you for an app you have previously purchased.
How do transfer videos to my iPhone / iPod Touch?
3 easy steps.

  • 1. Turn on your webserver
  • 2. Log onto your iPhone with a modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox recommended)
  • 3. Drag and drop the files you wish to copy to your iPhone or iPod Touch into the Browser window
Turn on Web Server Web Login File Transfer Photo Browser
Make sure you have Wi-Fi turned on
Make sure that your movies are preformatted for iPhone/iPod touch
How do I convert movies to iPhone/iPod Touch format?
You can use QuickTime to convert movies. Just chose File -> Save As... and choose iPhone under the format menu.
We also like Handbrake which is powerful and free
Does copying a file to multiple albums use up space?
The app creates a link to the original file so it doesn't consume extra space when copying files to multiple albums.
For instance, say you've created an "Action Movies" album and a "Cartoon" album. You have a 1Gig movie that you would like catagorized in both albums. Just copy the movie to both, you'll only use up 1Gig of space on your device (plus the negligable link)
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About SpyCalc

SpyCalc is the Secret Agent app for your iPhone or iTouch. Securely hide or take secret videos or photos.